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Hackney Youth Parliament 2014

Click here to find out the results of the Hackney Youth Parliament elections 2014.

Black History Month 2014

Black History Month at Young Hackney Forest Road - debates and dilemmas! Click here for details

get heard

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Your Voice in Hackney

Ever wanted to voice your opinion? Is something bugging you? Or do you just have a great idea you want to share with the world? Well here's your chance to get heard...

We are looking for young people to contribute ideas and content to this website:

  • Be part of a vibrant web community and have your say on what’s happening in Hackney by adding info about your youth club, college, or other organisation. It's easy, and you can publicise any event you like.
  • Contribute to this website by becoming a writer.
  • Mix a funky tune on the Remix Machine and dowload it to your phone.
  • Why not apply to the Youth Opportunity Fund for up to £3000 to make your idea a reality?
  • Join the Hackney Youth Parliament team to make decisions about how youth services are delivered and ensure that they're really working for young people.
  • Support your community by joining the here to help programme

Get in touch with Lavinia for more info at

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our survey
Votes at 16

Young people aged 16 could have their say in the Scottish referendum - is it time to lower the voting age in the UK?


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