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About the Hackney Youth Parliament

More than 6,000 young people voted in the 2012 Hackney Youth Parliament election. Following months of writing manifestos, speaking at hustings and trying to convince class mates and those at local youth centres to vote for them, 28 young people aged 11-19 were chosen to represent the youth of Hackney. 

Youth Parliament aims

  • To be the voice of and represent the views of young people in Hackney
  • To regularly consult young people in Hackney on their views
  • To be involved in decision-making with the Council, Councillors etc.
  • To have an impact and make positive change
  • To keep young people in Hackney informed on things affecting them

HYP values the commitment of its members, working together, listening to young people, being inclusive and tacking the issues that matter to young people.

HYP believes every young person has the right to have their say and get involved regardless of gender, religion, race, sexuality, origin, identity, disability or for any other reason will have their membership taken away.

And here's a list of the HYP's achievements in 2013...

  • Revising the Hackney Youth Charter

We conducted a review of the Charter so that it was more youth-friendly. The new draft was presented at the October Youth Conference, and a campaign to raise awareness of the Charter will begin in the New Year.

  • February: Consultation on Youth Crime Reduction Strategy

The Assistant Director for Young Hackney, Florence Kroll, consulted with HYP looking at how services such as Young Hackney and the Police could work together to make Hackney a safer place for young people.

  • February: UKYP Elections: February

Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) are elected annually in every part of the UK. Hackney voted in two UKYP members.

  • March: Youth Homelessness

As part of their work with the Council's Children and Young People's Services Scrutiny Committee, HYP members contributed to a review of measures to combat youth homelessness.

  • April: launching the Youth Parliament Campaign: Crossing the Line

The Parliament carried out a survey of young people to find out attitudes to discipline at home and at school. The results of the campaign were fed into their work with Childrne and Adolescent Mental Health Services, and were shared as part of the Youth Conference.

  • June: British Youth Council Training

Members of HYP received training to: review the way they conducted meetings; understand what it means to be a representative and express their views: improve their campaigning skills.

  • July: School Nursing Model Consultation

The Parliament was consulted on what they felt a school-based health service should look like. This was led by the Children’s Health and Wellbeing Team.

  • August: Mentoring day at UBS

A half-day mentoring session, where members were given support by volunteers from City Firms.

  • September: Residential – HindLeap Warren Outdoor Activity Centre

A weekend of teambuilding and reflection on the first year of the 2 year term.

  • October: Mayor’s Q&A

As part of local democracy week the Youth Parliament was represented on the panel of decision-makers including the Mayor of Hackney and the Lead Cabinet Member for Children's Services.

  • October: Youth Conference 2013

Nearly 60 young people gathered at the Forest Road Young Hackney Centre for Hackney Youth Parliament’s annual conference. The theme of this year’s event was identity. The event involved debates, workshops and panel discussions. Much of discussion centred around how people present themselves online, whether there is an upside as well as a downside to anonymity; and the subject of free speech in an online era.

  • November: work starts on the second Youth Parliament campaign

The Parliament’s next campaign is being conducted in tandem with the CYPS Scrutiny Committee and will involve an investigation into careers advice and work experience.  There will be a short film, made as part of the Adobe Youth Voices programme, which will be screened at the BFI in April, and they are exploring other options to improve access to quality work experience opportunities.

  • December: UK Youth Parliament Takeover December 2013

Hackney UKYP members voted in the House of Commons for the UKYP priority campaign for 2013 from a shortlist of the top five chosen in a public ballot of over 250,000 votes. UKYP chose the National Campaign to be ‘Votes at 16’. HYP members also attended an event at Portcullis House. 

Minutes and manifestos

Coming soon! Download agendas/minutes from HYP meetings by clicking on the date.







How to get involved

Links to other useful organisations

British Youth Council – advice and support for setting up a Forum or Youth Council

UK Youth Parliament – Find out about the young people who represent you nationally

UK Parliament - Official UK Parliament website; contains everything you need to know about the world of Westminster!

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