your rights as a looked-after young person

* Education

What advice and support can you get about your rights to education?

All looked-after children should receive support from the Virtual School through a personal adviser. 

Is financial support available for Further or Higher Education? 

All looked-after young people who attend further education receive:  

  • A grant to pay for travel fares
  • Specialist equipment if necessary
  • 16 - 19 bursary (provided by the college).

All looked-after young people who attend higher education can receive:

  • Expenses for visits, open days and interviews
  • A laptop
  • A grant to pay for travel fares
  • £2000 education bursary
  • £7000 Accommodation and living expenses (spread over three years)
  • Plus a statutory student loan and grant.

* Stop and Search

  • It is your right that the police treat you fairly and with respect at all times.
  • They must follow rules set out in the Police and Criminal Evidence code.
  • You can read more about the guidelines on the Safe website
  • Watch a film made by young people in Hackney about Stop and Search.

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