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What is the Hackney Youth Opportunity Fund?

The Hackney Youth Opportunity Fund (YOF) is funding offered by Hackney Council to provide young people with “more things to do and places to go”. This is a chance for you to decide what types of activities YOU think young people will enjoy and learn from.

Who runs it?

The fund is managed by a group of young people in Hackney who have been trained as grant makers. The group will meet to consider and discuss your application and decide on how the fund will be given out. This group has agreed a list of criteria to help make those decisions.

What does the panel fund?

The Hackney Youth Opportunity Fund can be used to support projects and activities. This can include arts and media projects, expeditions, residentials, events, volunteering, sports, self-defence or to support the delivery of educational workshops.

How much can you apply for?

  • Small grant For projects that will cost up to £1000, for example a one-off activity or event, or a short course. There is no requirement for these activities to be accredited.
  • Standard grant For projects that will cost up to £3000. Wherever possible, activities should be accredited.
  • Full grant For extended programmes or residentials. Activities should be accredited at an appropriate level. This may represent the full cost of your project. If your project costs are higher than £5,000 you will need to show you have approached other organisations for funding.

Are there any guidelines to help me fill out the forms?

Yes, before you write your application, please read them carefully. Please remember that the panel will be assessing the application on the strength of the information you supply.

How do I apply for the grant?

We suggest you first read the guidelines and talk your idea through with your Youth Worker, Teacher or your Parent/Carer and identify someone from an organisation to support your application. Once you have filled in your application, use your checklist to make sure you have answered all the questions, sign and date it, and then post it to:

Tom Sheppard
Hackney Youth Opportunity Fund
Young Hackney
Hackney Service Centre
1 Hillman Street
E8 1DY

Or email it to:

You may also be asked to meet with the Panel for a short interview. At the interview, the Panel may ask you to give some extra information about the project, or discuss changing some parts of the project.

Where can I get advice about applying for the grant?

If you have any questions about filling in the application form, or would like to talk to someone about your project, call Young Hackney on 0208 356 7650 or email your question to

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