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Featuring you!

posted by: Kallahan Benjamin

Uncle Sam pointing at you

If you have made a video, a tune, a picture or you've written a story or article on any subject that you would like to share, you can have your work featured on this website. You'll be able to upload it yourself from mid-summer but in the meantime, send your work in to us and, after it's been checked and is found not to be defamatory or offensive in any way, we will post it here in the 'news and your views' section for you.


Music videos, stuff you've made on your phone or with a camera, expressing your views, short films, documentaries - anything you like. You can take FREE Film Making courses in Hackney with Point Blank. Get in touch for details on the email address below for how to send in your stuff.


If you're into music and want to have a place to air your work, send it to us clearly labelled with your name, track name and your address. If you'd like to make music but dont have any equipment, visit the Remix Machine on this website and see for yourself what fantastic tunes you can make online!


Fancy yourself as a photographer or graphic artist? Want to share some interesting pics with other Hackney-ites? Email us the images with a cover email clearly stating your name, address, name of image (if applicable) and any text to go with it.


If you're a budding journalist or just enjoy expressing yourself, we'd love to hear from you: it can be fiction, fact, comment on a current issue, whatever you're interested in.

Please email Lavinia for more info: