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Lavinia's Blog - Remember Your Grammar!

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It has come to the attention of many academics that students suffer from many grammatical errors when writing. One reason being that not enough teachers emphasise grammatical errors with school leavers. Some students find it difficult to grasp important grammatical concepts in writing skills. Therefore I feel it would benefit most people to highlight some common grammatical flaws.

Firstly, discussing grammar involves placing words in the correct order to enable good sentence structure, the rules of English. The word order is significant; it identifies the message in a sentence. It is important to place words in the correct order so the reader can understand your process of thought. For example, ‘the dog ran away’ draws our attention to the noun, the dog and the verb, ran away. We gather from the former that the dogs’ movement was fast. Also, the dog ran because of something.

Morphology is the internal structure of words. Morphology identifies, analyses and describes the structure of morphemes used in writing. There are many examples to reflect this; unthinkable contains three types of words, a prefix, a verb and a suffix. A prefix is a word joined onto a verb; in this case it would be ‘un’. Then the verb ‘think’ makes the word ‘unthink’. Lastly then, the suffix ‘able’ creates the morpheme ‘unthinkable’.

Syntax is the way words can be combined to form sentences. For instance, in the English language, the words cat-s contains a similar meaning- diverse through plurality. Therefore to say ‘the cats ran away’ implies the cats moved at a fast pace from something. Another example; ‘away ran the cats’ creates a change in the construction of the sentence. Our attention is drawn to the verb phrase first and then the noun phrase. We understand the action before the subject. The formality increases the importance of the action from the subject.

Semantics focuses on sentences and their meanings. To keep things simple, using the former sentence, the cats ran away. The action of running is more significant than the subject. It may be necessary just to consider the aim of your sentence so you can comprehend the purpose of each point.

Standard and non-standard English are two different types of the spoken linguistics. Standard English refers to formal English such as I did it myself instead of non-standard I done it myself.

For those wondering my reasons for writing a blog with this academia content, I do not think this issue is stressed enough to students. I feel if I can reach out to young people before attending higher education, they can make difference in preparation for university.

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