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Poll Results - Do You Plan to Stay in Hackney?

posted by: Administrator

The results from the latest poll are in and it makes for some interesting reading.

The question was ‘Do you plan to stay in Hackney after you leave home?’

Most of you seem to love the Hackney life with 50% preferring to stay in the borough.

30% of you would like to try living somewhere different…

And 20% do not know their future plans yet.

Now on to the next poll… With World Cup fever dying down, and having had a few weeks to reflect on England's humiliating exit, it still hurts to think what could have been if ‘that’ Lampard goal against Germany had been given. It is a moment that is sure to go down in footballing folklore.

So what do you think about the goal that never was?

a)              England would have lost the game anyway

b)              They would have beaten Germany but crashed out in the next round

c)              We were robbed! They were on to win the trophy

d)              Football? No thanks.

Head to the survey box on the right hand side of this page, select your answer and click vote!

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