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Where did you get those trainers?

posted by: Administrator

Could you live the life of a worker in Asia - stay in their homes, eat their food and report to real bosses?

Are you adventurous and not afraid to speak your mind? This could be your chance to experience life on the other side of the world, and find out how your favourite things are made!

Show Me What You're Made Of is a children's television series that will take four young people, aged 11-14, to several countries in South East Asia to see where some of their favourite toys, gadgets, clothes, accessories and foods come from. They will visit the locations where these products are made and get to experience first-hand the hard work that goes into making them. They will also have a go at some of the work processes themselves. The kids will also spend time with the bosses, workers and their families to understand the lives of the people responsible for making their favourite possessions.

If you would like to apply to take part in the new series of Show Me What You're Made Of just print off the application and fill it in with all your details and post it back to the address provided on the form.

Deadline for applications is Friday 11 May.

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