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Youth vs. Age: what you think...

posted by: Administrator

The latest results for the Young Hackney poll, which asked what you thought of the generation gap. Do you see a pensioner on the bus and offer your seat? Do older people see a hoodie and think trouble? Or do we all just kind of rub along as best we can?

Not according to the people who took part in the poll - 60% thought different generations got on together and that young people could learn from older people. A smaller margin - maybe 20% - thought that older people were scared of young people.  Under 10% thought younger people had something to teach to old people.

So that's a happy message for the Christmas holidays. There's a seasonal twist to the latest poll - but this one is set to measure the Scrooge in you. We'll roll into the New Year  - if you have anything you'd like to suggest post it on the forum.

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