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A Tribute to Whitney

posted by: Administrator

Whitney Houston R.I.P
Tribute concert promoter Jermain writes:
We all know of the death of Whitney Houston. She has had a massive influence on many up-and-coming artist and already established performers around the world, vocally and musically. So I saw it only right that I organise Hackney's own tribute concert. I've gathered together the best, creative and pro-active people I know. : )
Promoters, performers, overenthusiastic young people, organisations such as Hackney Empire, Blastbeat, S.Q.U.A.D, BBC1 extra and other creative people. 
Basically what I'm saying is, with all our great minds we can put on such an amazing, brilliant show! and truly give Whitney Houston a real HACKNEY SEND OFF!!
The funds created at this event will go towards the Church its being held in and a charity called 'Addaction' which aim is to help transform the lives of people affected by drug and alcohol problems. They do this by offering a wide range of services in England and Scotland. 
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