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The Inspiration in Lion King

posted by: Lavinia Gyamfuah


Hi. My name is Lavinia and I am an online editor for Young Hackney. In my blog I will be will be filling you in with whats going on in the world of entertainment and education


Many for decades have appreciated theatre as a form of entertainment. The 1994 Disney animated film debuted into The Lion King Musical in 1997 in Minneapolis. The concept illustrates the rites of passage, (Circle of Life) of a young cub, named Simba. Life holds an unlimited number of lessons to grasp but recognizing the relevant will support individuals for a lifetime.

Available to experience at the West End’s Lyceum Theatre, the consequences of disobeying your parents evokes disheartening circumstances. The climax begins when Musafa, Simba’s father warns Simba not to tread beyond the boundaries of the Pride Lands i.e. the elephants’ graveyard. Unaware of what fate holds, Simba and his best friend Nala enter the graveyard and luckily escape a tragic death courtesy of Mustafa. Suspected, Musafa expresses his disapproval of Simba’s action.

Scar, Musafa’s brother an envious and jealous character, causes countless disruption amongst the kingdom. Keen to overrule the thrown Simba abandons his Pride Land in shame because he is led to believe by scar he caused his father’s death. At the final stages of the musical Simba realizes that his loyalties lie with his kingdom. Although Simba paid to the price of his father, he understands the responsibility required to be a leader. I urge you to visit this magical experience and embrace the knowledge The Lion King portrays.

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