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Pix on Bricks: the Graffiti Verdict

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Latest results of the young hackney poll shows that you are connoisseurs of the urban artform. Almost an even split between those of you who thought graffiti could be good and those who thought it could be bad.

So what about the good stuff? If you went to the Hackney Weekender, you may have noticed the DJ booths parked on the corners where the stalls were. Did you notice the... um decoration? Maybe not... so here's a picture to jog your memory

Dennys work - Caravan painted to look like a Lion. GRRRRR!

This creation was the work of eight young Hackney artists, who worked in two separate teams for two days with established Hackney Street artist/designers to create pop-up party spaces.

This is the before picture - rancid old caravans ready to be transformed like pupa becoming butterflies

Young people worked with artists Inkie and The Technicolour Moon Collective - everyone who helped out got a free ticket to the event. There were four DJ booths in all - Krishna's crew took more of a retro approach....

Twirly design on a moveable house aka a caravan

There's a rumour afoot that Young Hackney is going to create some artwork to take pride of place in the new Forest Road Centre. If you'd like to be one of the team to produce a masterpiece like the Lion caravan, come along to the Town Hall, 5.00pm on any Monday after 23 July, when the Young Hackney Launch Event group will be plotting the biggest pop-up party this borough has seen. You could create something as eye-poppingly awesome as this...

Big sunglasses on the side of a vehicle

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