the hackney music service

The Hackney Music Service aims to enhance the musical experiences of young people through instrumental tuition

As well as focusing on the individual, instrumental tuition provides the opportunity of a wider musical experience through participation ensembles, bands, orchestras and choirs.

  • brass
  • guitar
  • keyboard
  • percussion
  • piano
  • singing
  • strings
  • woodwind

The service offers individual or group tuition to both primary and secondary schools.

What the service does:

  • raise the musical attainment of pupils.
  • support pupils in acquiring skills which will allow them to enjoy and become actively involved in a wide range of musical experiences contributing to the musical life of the school or community.
  • promote pupil's understanding of music in the everyday life of their own and other cultures.
  • enable pupils realise their musical potential through the playing of a musical instrument.
  • encourage self confidence and develop a sense of personal achievement and self expression in pupils.

Please contact Hackney Music Service for further information and for details of other exciting music opportunities available:

Tel: 020 7241 7409

This organisation is NOT sponsored or regulated by Hackney Council.

Address: HPDC, Queensbridge Building, Albion Drive, E8 4ET

Tel: 020 7241 7409


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