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Sev Necati Training provides workshops, talks and seminars on personal safety and conflict resolution (self-defence, the law) self-esteem and confidence building, anger management and empowering training.

All training is delivered on-site. Flexible, culturally sensitive, level-appropriate and tailor-made training to meet the needs of your service users, staff and management.

Contact: Sev Necati

Tel: 07050 614116



Here's some tips for staying safe on the streets

1. If you are going out: pre-arrange how you will be getting back home. Black cabs can be hailed off the street but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES get into an unlicensed taxi/and or minicab off the street. It is illegal for minicabs to tout for business. Minicabs must be pre-booked.

2. If you are out drinking, do your best to drink less alcohol and drink more water during your night out. Try and not mix your drinks and always make sure you have your drink with you. If you leave your drinks unattended then DO NOT drink it. This is one of the ways drug rape can happen.

3. Taking drugs is illegal. Most of the time drug dealers at clubs / bars are selling to the masses and are not selling you what you think you may be buying. They can easily combine it with chemicals that will be very harmful to you and your body, and you could have a very bad reaction to it.

4. Be sensible in your approach. If you are talking to a stranger for the first time then do not give him personal details about yourself like where you live. Do not make yourself vulnerable.

5. Being confident and assertive can assist you from staying out of danger. This is reflected in your body language and demeanour. Becoming drunk and very loud can sometimes draw the wrong people towards you.

6. If a fight breaks out / and or other trouble then remove yourself very quickly from the venue and call the police for help.

7. Do not carry large sums of money, credit/debit cards and other valuables with you. Do not leave your bag un-attended. Just bring what you need for the night. Put some money safely on you away from the money you will be spending on your night out. So if unfortunately if you are a victim of crime and your money / cards are stolen you have some money to get home with.

8. When paying for anything by credit / debit card, make sure the machine is brought to you and you see what is being done. If anyone ever takes your card away / and or behind a bar they may be cloning your card.

9. Avoid talking on your mobile phone when you get off a bus or a tube, it just makes you more vulnerable as you cannot see and / or hear what’s going on around you.

10. Be with at least one person you trust and make contact with them when you get home, so they know you are in safe.

Go Confidently! 

This organisation is NOT sponsored or regulated by Hackney Council.

Address: Stoke Newington, N16 5QS

Tel: 07050 614116



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