Voting for 2021 elections

Welcome to the Hackney Youth Parliament Election Page

Get ready to cast your vote!

On this page you will have a chance to choose your candidate(s) for the all new Hackney Youth Parliament 2021. Each of the candidates have made a video to say what they feel is important to them in Hackney and how they will create a positive change for young people like you.

You can vote for three of these candidates, so please

  • Watch their videos, note their name
  • Listen to what they say
  • Use your vote to choose your top three choices. VOTE here

If you feel inspired from watching these videos and want to join the Youth Parliament you can email us at and join the change!

Please make sure you vote by Thursday 17 June 2021. Elections results announced Monday 21 June 2021.

Volkan’s Manifesto


Luyanda’s Manifesto


Dianne’s Manifesto


Griffin’s Manifesto


Anna’s Manifesto


Thierry’s Manifesto


Oziel’s Manifesto


Sudenaz’s Manifesto


Flavia’s Manifesto


Sonny’s Manifesto


Goldinne’s Manifesto


Ridwan’s Manifesto


Shakira’s Manifesto