New Year, New Me?

So there’s this saying that comes around every new year and it basically says it’s a new year so I’ve got the opportunity to be a new me…

Well that’s great, but we just wanted to share a little golden nugget…every day is an opportunity to be a newly improved version of yourself!

Firstly, you’re pretty great. So an improved version of who you already are can only be better… and that doesn’t have to wait for a new year. It can start whenever you want, it can start tomorrow… it can start right now!

The point we are trying to make is, a new year is a great opportunity to start afresh but you can make those opportunities on a daily basis. YOU decide when you’re ready to level up and go for it. And if you get knocked down a few times or if you find it’s super hard that means whatever you’re trying is worth it! And you should keep going!

Keep a ‘New Year, New Me’ mentality all year around, not just on the first month of the year.  Whether it’s to eat a little bit healthier, read more, be more confident, more organised, have more fun, laugh more…DO IT! Make 2019 the start of a strong mentality. And be consistent, so next year you can say ‘New Year SAME ME cause I’m pretty awesome right now, so I’m just gonna keep going’

Top tips for maintaining a ‘New Year, New Me’ mind set:

  1. Highlight EXACTLY what it is you want to improve about yourself
  2. Write in down, not in your phone, on actual real paper. And stick it up in your room, somewhere you can see it every day. Visual reminders are key!
  3. Be realistic with your self-improvement goals.
  4. Set mini goals within your big goals…E.g. Set monthly goals. When you break the time down like this you can see what you are achieving bit by bit and it’s motivating!
  5. Make your goals are S.M.A.R.T goals
  6. Stay. Consistent.
  7. If you fall off track for a few days or even a few months, get back up and get back on it!
  8. You got this 🙂