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LGBT History month

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LGBT month

What’s LGBT month?

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans History Month takes place every year in February, it’s an annual celebration the lives and achievements of the LGBT community.  

Why celebrate or recognise LGBT History Month?

In the words of Elly Barnes, Head of Year at Stoke Newington, who has helped young people there organise the Spring Concert: “It gives us all a chance to acknowledge, respect and remember the contributions of LGBT people to everyday society and world history...”

What’s happening in Hackney?

  • Centre stage will the Hackney LGBT Spring Concert, 17 Feb, featuring a diverse range of bands, beats and dramatic artists, with the London Gay Men’s Chorus headlining. If you want to read up on the great work that is being done at the school around diversity and inclusion click here to go to the Stokey site or read the Hackney Hive interview with Elly Barnes.
  • There’s still time to catch Ethnic Minorities Coming Out at Hackney Museum. Through images and the written word, this fascinating exhibition shows how different people have come to accept their sexuality and overcome homophobia within their own cultures. There are twenty two portraits with personal testimonies describe the participants coming out process.  Visit the artists' website at The exhibition runs until 7 March 2011 and is free.
  • Walking Proud in East London is a history project that takes in a whole range of events across East London. Fifty East London lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans memories recorded for all time, will be featured at a special event on the 10 February - click here for event details
  • The Purple Bus will be running relationship advice this week (until 13 February). If you have questions or doubts about coming out, the Purple Bus team will be able lend a sympathetic ear and help you find the support you need. They will also be running sessions on sexual health and safe sex. Check the What's On to find out where the Bus is at and when.

Want to find out more?

You can find out more about what’s going on in London through the LGBT month Facebook page:

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