Free Condoms

If you’re under 25 and live, work or study in Hackney or the City of London, you can get free condoms and lubricant through our Condom Distribution Scheme.
Once you sign up, you can collect from different places such as pharmacies, youth hubs, and community centres. You can come and collect as often as you need.

After you sign up we need one working day to process your information. When you go to collect, just give us your name and date of birth you registered with. Below is a map where you can see all the places you can go to.

Condoms are still the best way to not get sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea. They can also prevent unplanned pregnancies. Using condoms correctly and consistently is a great way to protect your sexual health.

If you need to update any information or have any questions, please email us at

What can you expect?

Registration How to collect Repeat
We won’t send you a confirmation email, and we don’t share your information with anyone. The next day after signing up you can collect from any of the places you can see on the map. Talk to a staff member and let them know that you are there to pick up condoms. This may feel like the hardest part. Just remember they have had the request many times before and they are there to help you. Please feel free to use the service as many times as you need.

The map below shows where you can access free condoms and lube in Hackney and the City of London.

Remember that if and when you start having sex is your choice. There’s no rush. If you feel unsure or need advice, don’t hesitate to reach out for support. You can also walk into the Homerton Sexual Health clinics without an appointment.

Other sexual health services

Whether you are having sex or not, it is good to know where you can go for testing, treatment or other services. Here’s where to find specific services in Hackney and the City of London.


Many pharmacies in Hackney and the City can give you free condoms, and they can also give you free emergency hormonal contraception (EHC), a test kit for chlamydia, and treatment for chlamydia. Check the map above to see the one nearest to you. Oral contraception — progesterone-only pills (POP) — will be available soon. We will update you when this is available.


SHL.UK is your go-to online service for STI tests, the pill, and emergency contraception. It is free and private/confidential. Test kit or pills will be sent to you in a neutral package. Test results will be accessible online or via text message. You have to be 16 to access this.

Homerton Sexual Health

Homerton Sexual Health clinics can give you free STI tests, treatment, pregnancy testing, contraception, vaccinations, and advice. You can walk in or book an appointment. Go to a clinic if you want to see someone face to face, need treatment or get advice from a sexual health professional.