Our fresh faced Hackney Youth Parliament has completed their first exciting campaign, about a topic we are all familiar with but should maybe be more concerned about…

‘Infected Connection’ is a short film about how important it is to make smart choices even in the heat of the moment. Our Parliament has explored the concept of actions and consequences, and how easy it can be to change, or in this case prevent, a situation through one informed decision.

Shocking statistic

After participating in a consultation with Public Health in Hackney, our Parliament learned that a lot more young people are being tested for STIS which is great! However they also learnt some shocking statistics about our borough.

Young people in Hackney have the highest rate of Chlamydia in the countryAmong Hackney’s 15 to 24 age group, Chlamydia was detected in 4,270 residents per 100,000 population.

With this in mind our Parliament made a collective decision to highlight this issue and make it the topic of their first campaign. The purpose of the film is to encourage young people to make safe choices and get tested regularly!

We want young people to know it’s possible to enjoy yourself and stay safe at the same time.