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Youth Parliament: a statement on recent events

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From Hackney Youth Parliament

After the day of destruction and riots in our beloved borough, Hackney, the pain and disappointment still sits in everyone’s hearts. From young people to old, we were all affected individually by these unfortunate events. Whether it was going down the road to visit a friend or even going to work, no one could feel more intimidated than the honest, normal people that live, work and study here.

Hackney Youth Parliament understands young people right now are shocked and worried about the situation. But we know recent events will not discourage their consistent efforts in making Hackney a better, safer and respected place.

Whatever may have triggered the riots to come to Hackney, we feel the next step is to move on and address the problems together as a borough. Regardless of who or what may have caused the problems, Hackney has to come together as a community positively.

We know young people played a part in these events; but it was not just young people and not just young people from our borough. We need to show our support for every resident affected, and that includes supporting the vast majority of young people who were not involved and may now feel demonized and scrutinized as a result.

We have to now look ahead to the future and focus on what is really important. The physical and emotional damage caused doesn’t compare to the enormous amount of positive work that has been done over the past few years. New ventures have been open to young people, giving them a chance to give back to the community and take part in what they enjoy and feel passionate about.

Hackney’s young citizens have done an enormous amount of work that has benefited our community for years and years, helping diminish the negative stereotypes we carried. There has been educational improvement in schools and colleges in Hackney. Nearly four thousand young people took part in the Hackney Youth Parliament Election. This summer there have been many positive activities young people have put on for other young people, such as the Hackney JAM, a music event which attracted over 250 people from across the borough. 

We realise the mutual respect between young people and the authorities may be at a low point at the moment. However, we will continue to represent young people’s views to the Police, to elected members and to other organisations. Hackney Youth Parliament will not stop speaking to and interacting with young people . Through Area Youth Forums and through direct discussions we will find out their views and make their voices heard.

Hackney: Our Home, Our Borough, Our Lives.

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