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Inspire Magazine launched a 4 week course for the young people of hackney to produce a magazine, the outcome was Grime & CandIi. A funky fashion and music themed magazine, with a special tribute to the late great King of Pop Michael Jackson. 

Meet the masterminds behind the project Blessing Benson and Shenika Sosanyas' 4 week diary detailing the making of the magazine.

Week 1  The beginning stage of the project was where we met and began to brainstorm ideas for what we wanted the magazine to feature. We came up with loads of ideas ideas but decided on a theme of fashion and music, because they have a major influence on our everyday lives.

Week 2  Our next task was thinking of names for the magazine, we came up with "Candii", "Greazy" and "YO" but  we eventually chose "Grime and Candii". As the magizine last year was called Candii, we thought we would keep the name but just add a little  funky twist.

Week 3 Invovled creating the pages for the magazine and looking at possible images we could use. We also spent some time on the street, interviewing boys for our feature story, on why they wear the trousers below their waist  line and if they knew where it originated from, and most of them didn't!

Week 4 The final stages of the project were spent structuring the content of the magazine. editing the layout and colour scheme. Making sure everything was spelt correctly and double checking all our facts.

Grime & Candii the 2nd Edition from Inspire Magzine Design exploring the teenage outlook on fashion and music. Featuring stories like Crimes Against Fashion and the top rated UK artists, all coming soon.


This organisation is NOT sponsored or regulated by Hackney Council.

Address: 57 dalston lane, dalston, E8 2NG

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