rising tide

Rising Tide is a leading music training and development charity based in Ocean Music Venue in Hackney. Since 1999 Rising Tide has delivered innovative music industry initiatives across the UK, ranging from music and related industry skills to event management.

Our work covers innovative training courses, Creative Apprenticeships, Master-classes, artist development, regular live events and festivals.

Volunteer for Rising Tide

Join Rising Tide’s Music Ambassador Programme and help market and promote music activities and live events taking place in youth clubs, on estates, in and out of school and in various spaces across the borough by contacting

Alternatively, join the Rising Tide Events Team and work on Hackney Youth Awards, The Spotlight or future events. Sign up for one of our Events Training course running throughout the year by contacting

For further general information:

Tel: 020 8986 3222


This organisation is NOT sponsored or regulated by Hackney Council.

Address: Ocean Venue, 270 Mare Street, E8 1HE

Tel: 020 8986 3222



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