tobacco control youth advocacy group

The Tobacco Control Youth Advocacy Group is a pilot youth advocacy group to help contribute to the reduction of youth smoking in Hackney and to raise awareness of tobacco control issues amongst the youth. The advocacy group will give local people an opportunity to voice their opinions on tobacco and influence the smoke free agenda on both a local and national level. This is not an anti-smoking group, but an anti tobacco industry group. They will cover a wide range of tobacco control issues which young people may not be aware of such as child labour in developing countries, deforestation, poverty, smuggling, illicit tobacco, litter, second hand smoke etc, to try to get the issue across that smoking doesn't just harm their health. The aims of the pilot are:

  • To improve health outcomes for young people.
  • To empower young people by giving them an opportunity to air their views and concerns and to take action to de-normalise and de-glamorise smoking.
  • To involve young people in the development of the advocacy group and implementation process
  • To contribute to the reduction of youth smoking prevalence in Hackney.
  • To raise awareness of tobacco control issues amongst young people.

For more information please contact Gillian Forbes

Tel: 020 7683 4038

Mob: 07507638889

Address: Nuttall Street, London N1 5LZ

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