The Hackney Promise

Hackney Social Care promises that when you become a looked after child or young person, we will look after you the best we possibly can.

Coming into care

We promise that we will be honest with you about the reasons for being looked-after by the local authority and tell you about decisions that are being made. We promise we will share as much information with you as we can about your future carers.

We promise we will listen to you about where and who you would like to live with. If we can’t provide exactly what you have asked for we will explain why this is.

Being in care

We promise that we will listen to you and take time to get to know you and do our best to make sure you feel supported by us.

We promise that, wherever possible, you will know about and be ready for any changes that are coming. We promise that we will talk to you and discuss if and how you can be supported to stay in touch with your family and friends.


We promise to listen, respect and support you in working out your dreams and ambitions and in helping you achieve them, including through making sure that you get good education opportunities that match your needs.

Getting well and staying well

We promise to do our best to help you to get better when you are unwell and to help you to stay well. We promise to help you to learn to look after yourself as you get older.


We promise to make sure that your needs, thoughts and ideas are taken seriously, that you are at the centre of all meetings about you (even if you are not able to attend) and that you are supported to take part in a way that you feel happy with.

Your rights

We promise that at every stage in your life, you will know what options are available to you to be able to make the right choices. We promise that we will help you to find someone who you can speak to if you are unhappy about anything, including anything that we are doing or have done.

Becoming an adult

We promise that we will prepare you to become an adult and support you to make the decisions that are right for you. We promise that you will always have someone to talk to.