By Rose Ilunga

Below is a poem I wrote about the struggles within friendships and how I believe that friendships, especially through times of change, are important.

I feel that teenagers my age, with exam stress and soon changing schools, are worried about the friends they will meet and of course the friends they leave behind. This poem was intended to remind people to hold on to friendships that have lasted this long, as friendships are really and truly important and you can’t live without that extra person to talk to.

You never know when it might be too late…hope you enjoy!

Roses are red ,violets are blue

I held your hand and together we ran through

the fields, facing no trouble in the long grass.

In your eyes , I saw a joy nothing could surpass

And we laughed.

And we cried.

And we danced 

like butterflies


Roses are red ,violets are blue

Do you remember the day we argued

Back and forth,you put up your shield

That created a distance in our field

And I cried.

And I tried .

And we were

Like distant planets.


Roses are red ,violets are blue

I know I tried to replace you

And run through the fields with someone ‘better’

but felt ourselves sprinting to get back together 

And you cried.

And you tried.

And we were

Floating separately.


Roses are red ,violets are blue 

You’re the only one I need to

get through these fields.

But the grass has grown longer

And the distance has increased

And I tried.

And I tried again.

Until I realized


The roses had wilted and your lips were blue.


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