It’s Exam Season. Again.

We know it’s like blink oh exams again. And for some of you it’s your real exams and not mocks this time! So it probably feels like the hardest, most stressful time you’ve ever experienced. But we just wanted to let you know that you can do it, you will do it and we want you to switch up your approach towards this exam season!

Okay, so you’ve been revising and we’re guessing you’ve recognised that…

  1. Exams are stressful
  2. Exams are important and require focus
  3. Exam season can make you feel pressured
  4. Exams may make you feel nervous
  5. Exams take away your social life

But guess what we’ve recognised and would like you to know…

  1. You don’t need to stress yourself out! Because you can only do your best, and that is completely enough.
  2. Yes exams are important, but if you don’t get the grade you would of liked your life isn’t going to end! (we can honestly promise you this) There are loads for opportunities and alternative routes you can take to get where you want to be. FACT.
  3. Take all that weight off your shoulders! It’s natural to feel a bit anxious but don’t feel pressured you aren’t in a competition with anybody. You do what YOU can do.
  4. A little nerves are good, nerves mean you care! Even Ed Sheeran still gets nervous
  5. Okay this one we can’t fight, your social life may take a back seat during exam season but it’s only temporary and it’s worth it. So completely commit for the small period of time and then socialise after!

Also (this is the big one) self- belief is a huge game changer with exams, often people have already made it harder for themselves by adopting an attitude of doubt, uncertainty and worry EVEN IF they’ve tried their best. But you’ve gone to class, you’ve listened, you’ve studied, you’ve revised…you’ve got this! So believe you have it, confidence changes a lot.

If you are struggling with revision you can find some really handy revision tips here:  and/or here: