Hackney Youth Parliament Elections

Campaigning is getting underway as young people from across the borough put in their bid to form the next Hackney Youth Parliament. This year 23 candidates are standing for elections and their chosen priorities include giving young people a voice, feminism, housing, disability awareness and community safety.

Over the past two years, the current Youth Parliament members have consulted extensively with young people, and put forward their views and concerns to the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors. Their successful term saw the creation of a short film on sexual health, a mental health campaign and a visit to Strasbourg, France, for the European Youth Event where they discussed issues such as Brexit and racism.

The new candidates are eager to continue the good work and influence positive change for young people in the borough. In the lead up to the elections there were two hustings events at Forest Road Youth Hub and The Edge Youth Hub. Candidates were able to express their priorities and present their manifestos in more depth to a live audience.

Skye Fitzgerald-McShane, 17, member of Hackney Youth Parliament for 4 years and chair at the hustings event said: “I’ve done two hustings events myself so it’s really exciting to be on the other side, chairing this one and see the new generation of Hackney Parliamentarians take to the stage! They are all so smart!”

Pauline Adams, Head of Service Young Hackney, said: “Good luck to everyone putting themselves forward for election this year. It’s great to see so many young people eager to help improve life in the borough for their peers. I would encourage everyone who is eligible to vote, to go and read through the manifestos and think carefully about who they are going to vote for.”

Voting starts on 28 September and closes on 16 October. A copy of the manifesto booklet will be available alongside ballot boxes in all secondary schools and youth hubs across the borough.

More information about Hackney Youth Parliament and the elections or view the manifesto booklet online.