Boost that hippocampus!

Okay it’s been said before, but we’re just going to say it again in case someone at the back didn’t hear…exercise is super important!

It keeps your body fit and healthy as well as preventing you from developing things like heart disease, stroke and diabetes. But here’s the real nugget of gold…

“Regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory [and] thinking skills”
– Harvard Health publications

We know a lot of you have mock exams coming up and revision can be hard especially when you have a lot to remember for so many subjects. So why not try some physical activity a few times a week? It will LITERALLY help your brain retain and process information better.

In a study done at the University of British Columbia, researchers found that regular aerobic exercise (exercise that includes running in particular) appears to boost the size of the hippocampus (big word we know, basically the part of your brain involved in verbal memory and learning). Exercise is directly beneficial to your brain.

But it gets better…exercise improves mood, sleep and reduces stress and anxiety. These are all things very relevant to young people and completely normal and a part of growing up so we just want to help make it that little bit easier.

So in summary, exercise is the answer to all problems and there are a variety of free sports, dance and other physical activities on offer at all of our Youth Hubs. Just click the ‘What’s on’ heading at the top of the website and go from there…Thank us later!