Stronger than Failure

By Abdullahi Yussuf

“Failure will never overtake you as your determination to succeed is stronger than failure”

What is success? Can you define it? The dictionary definition of success is: ‘the accomplishment of an aim or purpose’

Personally, my definition of success is being able to overpower failure in any situation or circumstance, continuing to smash through life no matter what the world throws at you. No matter how long it takes me get to where I want to be i remain determined to get there in the end.

Even though I might get knocked down I get back up.

The determination to get back up is my definition of success. And if I can do it, so can you.

From growing up with a disability and finding ways to fit into society, to not always considering myself as a top student throughout my academic journey and experiencing failures along the way…I have never for one moment allowed those failures to  hinder my road to success.

So if you are a young person trying to create your own path to success and you are facing some challenges along the way, keep going don’t let those challenges stop you or knock you down.

When it comes to creating your path to success, always remember that your path to it helps you.


Substitute Complacency with Continuous improvement to Establish Success through learning from failures and doing this with Strength.

This way helps you show yourself and the world that you can overcome anything and bounce back in no time; knowing that a little downfall didn’t stop you.

This is where you show failure that it can never overtake you, because your determination to succeed is stronger than anything!

Never hold yourself back and always just go for it; no matter how difficult it will be to get there – know that you will get there in the end.