By Beverley Tetteh



“the realisation or fulfilment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.”

For every fall you take, I plead you to get yourself back up again.

For many, life hits very hard sometimes, messing around with the wrong kind of crowd, constantly letting yourself down and being a seriously, unserious candidate. For me, failing a set of exams didn’t become a reality, until results day. I truly let myself down and felt as if I let everyone who supported me down.

For someone who usually has every excuse in the book, I had nobody to blame but myself – I sat those exams, I presented a lack of care and reason and I didn’t realise the extent to how much this would affect my future. I had become ‘THAT kid’. The aimless, goalless, lifeless kid that, on the outside had an abundance of confidence but on the inside, was crumbling away at my surprising but definite defeat.

For many weeks, that was my reality. I’d cry myself to sleep, think about reversing time and beg for a second chance, every day without fail.

However, I woke up one day, realising that although I let the people who loved and supported me down, I couldn’t continue this downward spiral any longer – something clicked and it turned my life around.

I became a force!

I was determined, outgoing, confident and a true go-getter. Within the space of a couple of weeks, I was accepted back to complete my final year of studies, achieved amazing results suitable for a great university. I became a social media and marketing officer at a truly amazing organisation within a couple of months, an ambassador for various companies, a board member, a finance and technology intern, a sales assistant, a campaigner, Young Speaker for Hackney alongside the wonderful Abdullahi and much more.

I state these not to gloat but simply to show that with any bad experience in life, you can truly turn it around if you are determined, willing and truly see yourself for more than your disappointments.

I had every ounce of doubt in my head, the whole way through, but considering how my life has turned out, at such a young age, I would never ask for the past to be different. I never used to trust those who stated that ‘everything happens for a reason’ but I came to realise that they were right all along.

So, when you open up those exams results in August, and you aren’t too happy with them, remember that the world doesn’t just stop there. It will hurt so bad, but i promise it will hurt even more if all you do is give up because of this minor setback!

Resit that exam, re-apply to another college or uni or company, apprenticeship or internship.

The journey to self-actualising isn’t always easy, and sometimes you do need a negative experience, to push you to be the best version of yourself.

You’ve got this, and I know you do because I didn’t think I did. 

Good luck to all students!