Discover Young Hackney 2016

Take part in Hackney’s biggest festival of Youth Arts – now in its 10th year of groundbreaking artistic invention.

This year, the festival is branching out with some majorly exciting film, digital and music projects – such as the Visuals for Music multimedia workshops at Young Hackney Forest Road, run by SDNA, and a hydrophonic sound project in the Woodberry Wetlands nature reserve, led by artist Tom Fisher.

The programme offers a range of taster workshops in dance, spoken word, music and more – with the aim of making the arts accessible to everyone.

Half-term activities with Discover Young Hackney

  • Talking Paintings at Young Hackney Forest Road, 15 & 16 February – use cutting-edge technology to create the artworks of the future.
  • Hackney Ramblings at BSix College, 16 February – one-day film-making workshop.
  • Found Sound at Woodberry Wetlands Reserve – free one-day sound recording editing workshop, using underwater recording equipment.
  • New Experiments in Arts and Technology, Arcola Theatre, 21 February – one-day arts conference for 13 -1 9 year olds.
  • Sonic Rebound Show, Round Chapel,  29 February – world premiere of a multimedia work created by young people in Hackney
  • Home Exhibition, Hackney Library, 25 February – exhibition featuring new music created by young people working with artist i’m empire.