Take it to the next level with a Youth Sports grant

If you’re pushing to become a top athlete or make it in elite sports, you can get a boost from the Council’s Youth Sports Fund. Apply before Monday 16 January and you could get from £50 to £500 to help with the cost of training, equipment or competing.

The Youth Sports Fund helps young people who can prove they have the commitment and motivation to succeed, but need support so they can start competing at the very highest level.

You need to be aged 9-23, a competitor in able-bodied or disabled sport and live in Hackney or go to school/college in the borough. For further information, visit the Hackney Council website, contact leisuresports@hackney.gov.uk or 020 8356 4897.

2016/17 applications and guidance notes

The 2016/17 applications close at 12 noon on Monday 16 January 2017.