Autism and Me

As part of National Autism Week, we’ve posted a film made by young people working at the Mediorite Film Academy. It relates one of the group’s experience of living with autism, and expresses the reality of his condition.

Young people with autism experience the world differently – for example, they may be more aware of sights and sounds that other people perceive as background noise. It can be hard for them to make friends, and they may come across as being shy or withdrawn. But, as the film’s narrator suggests, this can also be looked on as a gift, as he feels it allows him to show more care and respect.

Nearly 1 in 100 people in the UK have been diagnosed with autism. The condition can be very severe and may affect people’s ability to live an independent life, or it may be less noticeable, and people may be able to get by with only a little support. However, with the right help, anyone with autism is able to live a fulfilling life.

If you’d like to find out more about autism, visit the National Autistic Society website If you’d like advice or support, you can contact their helpline: 0808 800 4104.

Life skills at Young Hackney

Young Hackney is also running a ‘Life Skills group’ at Forest Road Youth Club every Monday 7-8pm, which is suitable for young people with autism.

The aim of the group is:

  • to help you with life skills and help you to become independent
  • to meet with other young people and gain confidence in social situations
  • to give you practical advice and information on issues like relationships, staying safe, money management

Who is the group for?

Young People aged 15- 24 with Special Educational Needs/ additional needs  (including autism), and young people with disabilities.

If you want to find out more about the group, visit Young Hackney Forest Road, 29 Forest Road, E8 3BY on a Monday evening, or call Nick on 020 8356 6403 or Katie on 020 8356 3017.

If you want to learn more about film-making opportunities, visit the Mediorite web-page.