New Beginnings

So summer is official over and September often means new beginnings. New school, new friends, new teachers and a lot of new choices.

Some of you will be starting year 7, some of you will be starting college or sixth form and some of you will be starting an apprenticeship or university. This time can be a whirlwind of emotions and that’s fine because emotions are good….emotions mean you’re real and not a robot!

Moving from your comfortable environment with the same faces and routine, into something completely different can be super exciting but also quite nerve racking. And may leave you feeling anxious, worried or stressed about what’s to come.

Which are all very normal emotions to feel, so you shouldn’t let anyone down play them, because it’s about how YOU feel.

‘As many as 1 in 6 young people will experience anxiety at some point’

Young Minds

But having said that we just wanted to let you know that those feelings are temporary and the main thing is you got there! You made it to year 7, or college or on that apprenticeship or university course.

You made it.

And that’s what is MOST important.

That’s what you focus on when you are feeling a bit down or overwhelmed by the new work load, unfamiliar faces and harder learning. This is an opportunity to go for it! The chance for a fresh start and the chance to be your best self in this new chapter – nobody knows you! You can be whoever you want!

Take your time, find your stride and you’ll be fine.

*Did that rhyme? Yes it did. We are just gonna go ahead and apply for X Factor now*

If you need any support with the transition to your new year of education and feel you may be experiencing anxiety please visit or if you feel like you are experiencing something else please visit which provide information about symptoms and affects.

Additionally for help, support and advice you can call the helplines below:

  • Young Hackney: 020 8356 7404
  • Youth Access: 020 8773 9900
  • Child line: 0800 1111
  • Off Centre: 020 8986 4016