The New Hackney Youth Parliament

Young people across Hackney voted to decide who should be elected to represent them on the Hackney Youth Parliament!

Following weeks of preparation, finalising their manifestos and campaigning around the borough, 20 young people aged 11-19 were elected, following voting in schools and youth hubs across the borough.

Over 12,000 votes were counted by the Council’s Electoral Services Team and the successful candidates were announced and welcomed into office by Mayor Philip Glanville, in the Town Hall Chamber, on 19 October.

As the new representatives of young people in the borough, the Parliament will meet every week, and also have regular meetings with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors.

Cllr Anntoinette Bramble, Deputy Mayor of Hackney said:

“I am so proud to see just how many of our young residents are politically engaged, and I know that the newly elected Youth Parliament will be working hard to ensure the voice of young people in Hackney is heard. The Mayor and I look forward to our first meeting with them, and we are both excited to hear their plans for positive change over the next two years.”

The new Youth Parliament have a range of priorities they want to address during their two year term. These include community safety, feminism, disability awareness and housing. Throughout their first few months in office they will be finalising what areas they are going to focus on first, using the results from The Hackney Young People’s Survey, their own research and focus groups to assist them.

Beverley Tetteh, 18, Member of the new Hackney Youth Parliament said:

“One of the main reasons I wanted to join Hackney Youth Parliament is because I want to help eliminate the negative stereotypes surrounding young people in Hackney. I am so excited and overwhelmed to have been elected amongst so many amazing young people and I can’t wait to start breaking down those stereotypes and barriers.”

The members of Hackney Youth Parliament:

Jodine Clarke

Aleigha Reeves

Eesa Sayed

Martha Lucas

Kofi Atiase

Omari Benson

Tapiwa Cronin

Sherri Dunbar 

Ali Qasimi

Raivene Walters 

Akram Hoque

Abdullahi Yusuf 

Clive Kandza

Beverley Tetteh

Zita Salman

Rihanna Facey 

Jubreel Ali-Arowosekila

Maariyah Patel 

Evelyn Dumbleton

Mateenah Adeleke 

If you would like to find out more information about Hackney Youth Parliament or how you can get involved in their future campaigns please contact