National Youth Work Week 2021

National Youth Work Week is an annual celebration of youth work, youth practitioners and young people.

This year’s theme is Champions of Youth Work.

Our Champions of Youth Work are:

Jessica Feeney Davies, Assistant Youth Worker in Young Hackney’s Sports Unit

Jessica has championed great youth work through her swimming project where she inspired a group of young girls who could not swim well to have lessons throughout the summer. At the end of the project they were all able to swim.

Jessica also has a continued passion of working with the Inspire SEND groups and always trying to push for more services for their families.


During National Youth Work Week, Young Hackney also celebrates 10 years of service to young people, some of whom have now gone on to become youth work apprentices themselves. One such apprentice is Danyal:

Danyal Afzal, Youth Work Apprentice

Danyal Afzal has been a youth work apprentice for one year now at Young Hackney.
Something he is most proud of which has positively impacted on young people is being able to contribute his own experiences and knowledge to the Duke of Edinburgh programme.
He took 15 – 20 young people from Hackney to Wales (Snowdonia) up tough mountains and rough terrain and was there for them every step of the way, encouraging and motivating them.
Every young person who went on their expedition was able to get their Silver or Gold DofE award with his support.

The Detached Outreach Team

Young Hackney’s Detached Outreach Team work on the streets, parks and estates of Hackney and in our youth hubs. They championed youth work throughout the pandemic by working on the frontline when many of us were working from home.

The team is made up of youth workers and a clinical psychologist. The team engages and works with 10 – 17 year olds across Hackney in a range of settings and connects directly with young people.




Maxcine Hill-Beattie

Maxcine is our Accreditation Coordinator, and has helped many young people complete their DofE Awards last year. Young Hackney’s accreditation programme supports young people to complete a Bronze, Silver or Gold DofE award through a number of participation, leadership and citizenship programmes. Maxcine organises and facilitates the expedition section, which is a fun, adventurous, outdoor activity that aims to push young people out of their comfort zone. Expedition activities are held over weekends and bank holidays and include a variety of different modes, including camping, hiking, cycling etc.


The Universal Team

Our Universal team delivers sessions to juniors and seniors across our hubs. We are especially proud of our team members who attended our youth hubs and are now youth workers themselves.