Restorative Approach

Restorative Approaches can be used in many different ways, places and by different people across the world to resolve a situation and/or re-build relationships after an event or conflict and give people a sense of justice and resolution.

The restorative approach is a way of putting things right, when things go wrong.

It is a way of resolving conflict, explaining ourselves, listening to others and repairing any harm caused.

In Hackney for example, restorative approaches are sometimes used in youth hubs, playgrounds, schools and to settle neighbourhood disputes.

A restorative intervention can happen in many ways, for example:

  • People involved in conflict can come together to talk about it and find a positive way forward with the support of a trained mentor.
  • People involved in conflict can talk to a trained member of staff who will help them think about the situation and how it can be resolved.
  • People involved in conflict can pass a written or verbal message to each each other via a trained staff member to undo any hurt caused
  • People can be supported to re-build peace and relationships between individuals, groups of people and communities that has been disrupted as a consequence of conflict, harm or damage caused.

If you want to know more about restorative approaches in Hackney speak to one of the youth workers in your local youth hub or a teacher at school.

For more information you can also contact Francesca Fadda-Archibald via email: or call 0208 356 2832.